Consulting by Nike Irvin

Through a combination of my leadership experience in foundations, nonprofits, and consumer products marketing, I am pleased to offer my energy and vision in the following ways:

* Capacity-Building 

* Development / Fundraising  Coaching

*Leadership Development / Coaching

* Foundation Start-Ups / Infrastructure-building

* Executive Transition / Interim Executive Assignments

* Program Development / Implementation

* Financials Review / Nonprofit Budget Weatherproofing

* Branding

* New Product / Service Launch

* Meeting & Retreat Facilitation

What I know after leading a charitable foundation and several nonprofits over thirteen years:

* Foundations and nonprofits can flourish in up markets and downturns. 

* Smart, ethical, authentic leadership matters .  

* "Magical thinking" (e.g.  We can keep growing staff, spending our endowment, while fundraising diminishes) is a recipe for trouble.  

* In this era of falling endowments and staff layoffs, the independent sector will have new opportunities... but organizations prepared for change will benefit most.